Man who built the first computer mouse, dies at age 91

William English was a researcher and engineer who played a role in building the first computer mouse in 1968. William English was the creative director for displaying how a computer interface should portray. William English studied was a member of the US Navy before he landed a position at the Northern California research lab where he acquainted himself with Douglas Englebart. Englebart envisioned the creation of a machine that was easily accesible to anyone just by manipulating the images pictured on the screen. Englebart stated that English was a unique personality that had the gift of patience, great social skills, and a talent for engineering.

William English used Englebart’s research project to create and establish the first prototype for a mouse. The idea came from Englebart, but English was credited for the creation of the mouse.

William English made an impact on common technology that we use in today’s society like computers, tablets, and smartphones.