President Trump advises Oracle to takeover Tik Tok

Have you ever wondered how a big enterprise like Microsoft or Oracle would succeed owning the popular app, Tik Tok? Controversy has risen over what company could handle owning the popular Chinese-owned video app, referred as Tik Tok. The head of Oracle, Larry Ellison, is an ally to the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Oracle and Microsoft are considering the use of videoing on their social networking platforms. President Trump is supporting the sale of the famous app Tik Tok, and advises that the app must be sold in the next few weeks. The Trump administration believes that Tik Tok has created a national security threat allowing easy access for China to seize important information about America. Trumps administration is eager to have Tik Tok app sold to company that has the ability to take over this popular app.

Tik Tok is an Chinese company, but their top executives are Americans making their user data stored domestically. Tik Tok plans to hire additional American employees in efforts to fend off scrutiny from Washington.