Despite many assumptions, Tech may not be the answer to test taking.

Taking test online has become the latest trend as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak in March. Many have adjusted to online learning as well as working from home to limit the exposure of the virus.

Taking test remotely is a problem, but this does not mean that technology is necessarily the solution.

After the announcement of President Trump testing positive for COVID-19, a fast-moving information environment happened. This has persuaded readers to read and share false material online, and this justifies this article.

Schools are relying heavily on technology to monitor students taking test, and this is an example of how people are using technology all wrong.

Monitoring test taking will never be a smooth sailing process. The pandemic has caused this imperfect process to become almost impossible accommodation for virtual learning.

“Technology is not more fair or more capable than people. Sometimes we shouldn’t use it at all.”That’s the message from Meredith Broussard, a computer scientist, artificial intelligence researcher and professor in data journalism at New York University.

Broussard implements the idea that we should be cautiously selectively when and how we use technology.

Technology is known for failing in areas that are inherently social and human.