Google honors Mary Ann Shadd Cary, who was an American-Canadian abolitionist.

Google pays tribute to the firat Black female newspaper editor and publisher. Google updated their search logo to honor Mary Ann Shadd Cary, an abolitionist, teacher, and the second Black woman to earn a law degree in the United States.

Google posted a biography that states Shadd Cary was born in Wilmington, Delaware, on October 9, 1823. After the U.S. passed the Fugitive Slave Act in 1850, her and her family moved to Canada. Shadd Cary launched her newspaper The Provincial Freeman, this newspaper was a weekly Black publication.

Cary married and moved back to the United States which led to her earning her law degree from Howard University.

“I hope people will look at this illustration of a remarkable Black woman from the 1800s and feel inspired by what she was able to accomplish against all odds as an editor, educator, and activist,” said Michelle Theodore, a Canadian artist who drew Friday’s doodle honoring Shadd Cary, in a statement.