After an ongoing election process, Facebook shares how they plan to tell you who the next president is.

The 2020 Presidential elections took place Tuesday November 3rd, and the American people eagerly wait for the announcement of the winner. Every one is on their toes, and social media is an outlet for many people to express their emotions.

Biden reassures everyone that every vote must be counted, according to USA Today. Biden asks everyone to stay calm throughout this lengthy decision making process.

Facebook will alert every U.S. user of who the winner of the presidential election will be at the top of Facebook and Instagram feeds. Facebook has consistently stayed up to date with information about votes, so they social media company made an announcement that votes were, in fact, still being counted.

Facebook relies on sources including ABC News and The Associated Press for accurate results.

Facebook and Instagram users should look out for a notification that will say:  “A Presidential Winner Has Been Projected” followed by the winner, Biden or Trump “is the projected winner of the 2020 US Presidential Election.”

Many concerns have surfaced among the American people regarding this mischievous election process. Facebook said their notifications will include a time stamp label with a link to the Voting Information Center to see more about the election results.