As the holiday season approaches, many look into devices to encourage working from home with a strong internet connection.

Routers are the backbone for every home that relies on connecting devices to the internet.

Online usage has greatly increased this year, and many people have run into issues with their video calls dropping out, buffering while watching Netflix then faster internet speed is probably not the solution.

People have updated their plans with Comcast in an attempt to speed up their internet connection, but it will not fully fix the problem. Users will be able to get faster internet with a wired connection, but not for devices that depend on WiFi connection.

“You’re welcome to pay Comcast pay more money monthly if you like, but it won’t solve the problem,” says Weaver. You will get faster internet if using a wired connection, “but not in the places of the home where you need it,” as in devices that depend upon Wi-Fi like laptops, smart TVs, connected speakers like Amazon Echo and more. 

Routers and mesh unit sales are already up by 50% then this time last year, and they are expected to be best sellers for the holiday season because more people are working from home, kids are home-schooling, and movies are now being streamed from home.