MCJ 310

Welcome to my first blog post for MCJ 310!

Hello! My name is Scarlett Gully

The purpose of this section of blogs is to create post for my Digital and Social Media course during the Spring 2021 semester. I am from Laurel Ms, and I currently am a Junior at the University of Southern Mississippi, and I am so excited to dive into this field! I have a passion for Photo Journalism and I have recently become very interested in the study of Digital and Social Media. The purpose of this blog is to grow my experience within the world of journalism in the era that is centered around the internet and social media.

I love posting to my Youtube channel because one of my favorite aspects of Journalism is the behind-the-scene production process. I feel like Youtube gives me the ability to grow my portfolio of production in front and behind the camera. After finding a love for vlog style Youtube videos, I started hearing more about blogs. Blogging is very cool to me because I also enjoy writing about my day, week, or even a very interesting experience in my life as a young adult.

Studies in this course are so intriguing to me, so I can not wait for the coming weeks of this course!