Life Updates: Summer, Gym, Healthy Habits

Happy Thursday Everyone!

I just felt like writing today, so I figured I will pour my writing into a blog post. First of all, I have to recognize that it is FINALLY summer break!!! I am beyond excited for this time. I love summer time mainly because summer is usually associated with fun. It is very important for me to enjoy some fun in the sun this summer, but also stay engaged in my career path.

This is a very important summer for me because it is my last summer before I finish my degree as an undergraduate. I want to fully enjoy every moment leading up to my graduation because I have worked so hard for that very moment.

I think it is very important to stay in the know with everything digital so that I can continue learning about my studies while having a fun summer. I

It makes a difference when I am truly doing something that I love. Realizing valuable moments like this truly makes me happy. 🙂

Now that it is summer and classes are out, I have more time to devote to working out and eating healthy. I love these two things because I always feel a million times better. I know someone else agrees with me, right??

I have prioritized working out and eating an accurate amount of healthy food in my day so that I can fully be healthy and get myself back in check after all of the late night snacking as I scurried to finish assignments by the 11:59 pm deadline.

Now that I have given everyone a summer life update, be ready for a lot of travel blogs because they are coming!!!

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I hope you have an amazing week POSITIVE FAM!!

Happy wishes,