Wake up and make things happen this morning

Goodmorning everyone! It is Thursday morning and I am having an amazing week so far!

Ive spent a lot of time focusing on learning about myself in order to experience growth in my life. I will be going through a lot of changes within the next year, so I wanted to ensure that I am 100% prepared for my future!

Basic household chores and task are complete (which is always a good feeling) and I am publishing my video for this week over on my Youtube as I type this!!


It feels good to complete all of your task on your to do list for the week!!✅

I have a busy weekend of work and a special day trip with some friends planned, and I cant wait!!

Although the coronavirus took a lot away from everyone around the world, i am so thankful that people are finally getting a taste of normalcy as the vaccines continue to get distributed.

Ive been curious to know… what are your thought on the vaccine? If you have received it, what are some positive and negatives that you experienced?

Everyone has differing opinions on this matter, but I hope my blog can serve as a safe and equal platform to express thoughts and concerns about a situation that has affected everyone globally.

Head over to my youtube channel to watch my aesthetic travel vlog☀️

I flew to visit Elevation Church at their Ballantyne location plus much more 🤩

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